General Purpose RTD's

RTD probes provide one of the most accurate methods of temperature measurement in industry today. All MTI RTD elements are made with pure platinum wire and high purity ceramic components. MTI manufactures these units in a variety of sheath sizes and materials. Our units are available in 2,3, and 4 wire designs: as well as single, dual and even triplex constructions. Sheath diameters range from .125" thru .500" OD and mineral insulation is provided for mechanical vibration or high temperature applications.
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RTD Elements

MTI offers a wide variety of RTD Elements such as platinum (100,200,500,1000 ohm) as well as Copper 10 ohm, Nickel 120 ohm and others. Both wire wound elements as well as thin film designs with several tolerance levels available. MTI manufactures RTD's throughout a broad range of temperatures (-200 to 630 C) to provide an accurate and repeatable method of temperature measurement.

RTD Temperature Transmitters

MTI offers a variety of models that are designed to produce a 4-20 ma dc output signal which is directly proportional to the temperature of the RTD sensing element. These units are available in both non-isolated and isolated designs, mounts in our head assemblies or seperately, and some units are field adjustable.

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