Threaded and Flanged Thermowells

Thermowells are ideal where a sensor is required to be inserted into a process where external elements such as pressure, corrosion, or abrasion affects the life of the sensor. MTI has been manufacturing solid barstock type thermowells to accomodate applications in the petrochemical, chemical, refining, power and other process industries for many years. All of MTI thermowells are machined from solid bar material using the latest CNC equipment. Threaded, flanged, weld-in, socket, Van Stone and other styles are custom made to your specs or available from our large inventory for immediate shipment. Optional coatings and sprays are also offered.
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Metal Protection and Ceramic Tubes

Metal Protection tubes can offer excellent mechanical protection for base metal thermocouples. MTI manufacturers a wide selection of styles and materials such as 304,316,310,I600,C-1018, and HR-160. Pipe sizes range from 1/4" to 2" with schedules 40, 80 and even 160 sizes available. Protective coatings and sprays are available for your corrossive applications.

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For atmospheres that are harmful to metal tubes, ceramic protection tubes have excellent strength characteristics and are chemical resistant. MTI offers a large selection of material including Alumina and Mullite. Metal ceramic and silicon carbide tubes are also available.

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